Thursday, 25 March 2010

Flash Review: Diorshow Extase Mascara

Whilst I'm collating my thoughts for a fuller review late next week on the Diorshow Extase, I thought I'd post my initial thoughts here in a flash review, a list of five bullet-points to inform and enchant (maybe not enchant - but give me some poetic licence here).

  1. Too much like hard work: This mascara is not one you can apply quickly with no effort. The combination of the brush design and the thick formula means severe clumping unless you carefully wipe off the brush. Slow application does not tick my boxes, especially when I have to whip out my Diorshow Iconic to even out those clumps.
  2. It takes two: Diorshow Extase apparently has two uses: alone or paired with another mascara. I've used it both ways, but only accidentally because of the clumping problem. I'm a little bemused by a mascara which claims as one of its main selling points the idea of layering it with another mascara; people have been using this method for years.
  3. The secret ingredient: This mascara has a wonderfully perplexing blurb to accompany its release. It contains myriad special blahblahblahs and things which sound vaguely scientific, such as spherical-shaped Black Pearl Pigments for volume and SR38 Patented Ceramid for lash-strengthening.
  4. The butterfly effect: So, do all these special ingredients add anything to the effect of the mascara? Overall, yes. Although this mascara boasts many gimmicks to its ad campaign, the formula is really fantastic and lengthens my lashes without making them look too thin and brittle. It thickens just the right amount so as not to be too clumpy, but to give my lashes definition. It's lovely.
  5. Carbon-eyed Medusa: As expected with Diorshow mascaras, the formula is extremely black, but doesn't leave you looking like a raccoon by the end of the day and definitely doesn't flake.

Overall initial impressions:
Thus far I'm really impressed with this mascara but concerned by how time-consuming it is to apply and how messy my tube is getting from constantly having to wipe the brush off before each application. The formula is lovely - just the right amount of length and oomph. It's such a shame the brush lets it down.

PS: I dare you not to have 'It Takes Two' stuck in your head for the next hour.




  1. yep, it takes two is now stuck in me head.

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