Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Beauty A-Z: B

My little Beauty A-Z is continuing this week, after a sprawling pause of about a month and a half. I have no excuse for such absence except for my own rather capricious nature and I'll thank you for looking the other way whilst I slide past, confident in the efficacy of my little subterfuge (which, of course, I just mistyped as 'subterfudge') of shouting 'LOOK OVER THERE! MAC'S HAVING A 90% OFF SALE!'

Mmm, fudge.

Let's get right on with it, shall we?

The letter B was, thankfully, not as taxing as A, so I came up with four products (four! four products! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! - said the Count from Sesame Street) which all begin with the letter B.

  1. Brows are something I hadn't even considered before September of last year; they were stuck at the back of my mind in a box marked 'way past due' and I wasn't ready to confront them just yet. One night, I filled them in (with a completely arbitrary and WRONG eyeshadow), just to see how they looked. 'Your face looks different, yet better,' remarked Kiwi, unconsciously (and thankfully) tapping into exactly what I wanted him to say. Within two days I'd visited MAC and had a lovely lady find me the perfect shade. Quoth Kiwi: 'I never realised how crap your eyebrows were before now.' Recently I've found, however, that you're supposed to shape your brows according to your face shape. Squirming paranoia struck and I questioned myself - had I been doing it wrong all along? What face shape am I? What noise does a giraffe make? Regardless, I'm trying not to worry. If I am, in fact, DOING IT WRONG, then I'm sure Kiwi will tell me. For now, I'm loving Shu Uemura's Hard Eyebrow Pencil in Seal Brown - it's the perfect brown for us brunettes and it has no red tones in it at all. It's natural for everyday and perfect for always.
  2. There is no room for ambiguity as to which drugstore brand currently owns my heart - it's Barry M,whose rainbow-coloured jars of magic dust allow for endless equations and combinations for the intrepid beauty addict. My favourites (both when I discovered them aged spotty-15 and now) are Peony (which is a dupe for Stars & Rockets from MAC) and Mushroom (a beautiful, slightly purpley taupe). However, I did acquire quite a good set of these and also loved Kingfisher (bright teal) and Pink/Gold (no need for an explanation, surely?). Their nail paints are also my favourite - I love that most of them are not sullied by glitter or shimmer and the range is so bright. Barry M feature on this list because they have set the benchmark for drugstore quality. Where else could you find a pigment similar in quality to MAC?
  3. My third B is for Blackout, one of my favourite mascaras from Dior. It's a super-black mascara which volumises my lashes and makes them look butterfly-fluttery and suitably carbon-eyed without much effort or concentration. Dior mascaras tend to divide the beauty community, and I've always been on the positive side of the fence. For me, this mascara just works. It doesn't need an essay or a text-wall of verbose prose. It just needs to be said that for me, this works. And that's why it's in my Beauty A-Z.
  4. Bellissima by NARS is not a 'wow' product. It's not going to swoop into your life in a colourful spasm and rescue you from yourself like a superhero. So, why is Bellissima up amongst the shining lights of my Beauty A-Z? Remember that fable, the one about the tortoise and the hare? Bellissima is the plodding tortoise who quietly chipped away at his task and ended up winning. For me, it is the perfect staple to throw on so I look groomed on days when my inspiration is subject to turbulence-please-return-to-your-seats-now. I love it because it's unpretentious and performs every time.


  1. Hi just discovered your blog and YouTube videos, and I love them! I also love Dior Blackout, I can see why people wouldnt as the brush is soo big, but like you say, it just works. xx

  2. @missmascara1983 I'm so glad - it's so lovely to get a comment like yours :) I can understand how people wouldn't like it - it is quite thick and can look bad if you put too much on... But beauty's funny like that. If it works, it works, and we should never question that. Except for when products are just genuinely crap. xx

  3. Barry M dazzle dusts are magical. Mushroom is my new fa-fa-fa-favourite (I've developed some sort of internet stutter). You've created a monster because I'm been ignoring my non-UK makeup and it feel neglected.

  4. @Posey Let me know if you want some more - browse the website and have at it :) I've just spent 3 hours in a pointless seminar about 6th century Spain. And then I got dragged for a drink. All I wanted to do was come back to my cupboard-cum-hotel room and do USEFUL things, but alas I am being forced to network.

    But now I can go reply to your squeemail. Somewhat after the fact, but YES!

  5. Hi Cami, I have the Nars duo on my list for when I'm next in Space NK - along with Sheer Glow

    Keep up the good work with the blog and videos - it's nice to hear a British voice out there (plus my colouring is similar to yours so it helps me out a lot)

  6. @Ally Aw, yay :) I hope you like them both :) I'm glad you like my blog and my videos, I work especially hard on my blog to make sure I'm posting things which aren't too boring (hopefully), I'm getting better at blogging - slowly :)


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