Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Thoughts on... E.L.F. Mineral Lipstick

A little while ago (I'm pretty sure I started my last post with exactly the same phrase!) I placed an order with Eyes Lips Face, or E.L.F., for short. I threw a couple of things into my shopping basket on there without thinking particularly hard about what I was buying; I mainly just picked a few things I fancied along with the other things I'd particularly been wanting to try. When the order arrived, I didn't have any real preconceptions or prior product knowledge to work on. In all truth, I wasn't even particularly excited, though I was a bit curious. Drugstore makeup is one of those areas which is a bit new and uncharted for me; sure I've tried and used my fair share of it, but I've always tended to stick to the brands I know and like, such as Barry M, and have rarely broached the ever-expanding chasm into the realm of the unknown brand.

E.L.F. is one such brand I'd never tried, and I'd never tried them because I perhaps got a little too caught up in enjoying my new-found love for shiny, expensive brands like MAC and NARS. It was never really a case of 'snobbery' with me, I've found, but simply the fact that I loved the brands I was really into, and especially with the high turnover of new products from MAC, I never felt I needed to go elsewhere.

So, my first real foray into the world of drugstore and more purse-friendly priced makeup has ended in a real success story, so successful, in fact, that I'm devoting a whole post to one sole product: the mineral lipstick line by E.L.F.

Having never really tried drugstore lipstick before, I hummed and hawwed about picking a shade. Anyone who has ever shopped MAC's website knows full well to take their swatches with a pinch of salt, so I picked a fairly easy wearable shade which I knew wouldn't go horribly wrong if it strayed too far from the swatch on the website. The shade I ordered was Ripe Rose, and it's a beautiful dusky, rosy pink which is excellent for the daytime. The colour, as it stands was pretty similar to the swatch on the website - darker than I was expecting, but still very lovely. In a way, it reminds me of that plump, healthy colour I've always wanted my lips to be, because sadly my lips are rather pale.

Please excuse the sloppy application :)

The texture and wear on this lipstick are fantastic, too. It's a really creamy kind of lipstick and reminds me of a cross between a Lustre and an Amplified Creme, if we're talking finishes from MAC.

And why?

The pigmentation of this lipstick is really excellent, and much better than I was expecting, and it's really creamy exactly like an Amplified Creme. However, it also gives a little bit of a glossy look to the lips, just like a Lustre finish.
So, there we have it. I've survived my first proper foray into the unknown and come out much more educated than I could have possibly imagined! I'm definitely going to be buying some more, too... I've got my eye on Cool Coral, Barely Bitten, Cheerful Cherry and
Royal Red.

Anyone else tried any of these?

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