Sunday, 14 February 2010

Subject-change Sunday: Valentine's Day

I just saw something which made me a little queasy on the old Youtube: A girl going through her Valentine's Day haul. Now, whilst I'm completely in the ambivalent sector of the public who really don't give a crap about Valentine's Day, I do respect the desires of everyone else to send heart-adorned cards, chocolates, flowers and all the other miscellanea that shops pounce on the moment we're officially out of the Christmas season and into another. However, even though I'm in a marvellous relationship with a lovely boy, neither one of us can ever get that excited or motivated about St. Valentine's, and I suspect it would be much the case if both of us were single too. For a couple of years, we'd make one another a little handmade gift (no matter how awful it was), and proudly present our awful gifts to one another on February 15th.

Case in point:

Sock dinosaur and bunny.

See also: Mix CDs and Kiwi's famous 'Folder of Love', a manila folder he decorated (himself!) with rhinestones and stickers and then wrote 'Folder of Love' on in Sharpie marker.

So wherever you are this Valentine's Day, I hope you've had a lovely day whether you're lazing around ignoring all the fuss like me, or whether you're icing some heart-shaped cupcakes for your best beloved. This was just a short post to say regardless, enjoy it :)

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