Friday, 19 February 2010

The Curse of the Bad Face Day

Today I've had a very bad day in the small realm of makeup and cosmetics. It's been one of those siiiiigh days where nothing looks right or feels right or just is right. For my makeup, I was having a small crisis; too many eyeshadows.

First I put on MAC's Smoke & Diamonds with Circa Plum pigment all up in the crease.

NO. I did not feel the love.

I sighed, reached for the baby wipes and started afresh.

NARS Bellissima Duo with a kick of liquid liner? Sounds promising.

Got this look wrong once twice FIVE TIMES, because apparently I'm incapable of putting on liquid eyeliner.

I went back for more four times and I was rebuffed each time. My makeup was having a field day.

At this point I considered crying. It certainly wouldn't have ruined anything on my face. I might've cried a bit; I was not only having a horrible face day, but a fat day too. Kiwi's tummy rumbled alarmingly as I went in for the sixth and seventh attempts at my makeup and fourth and fifth at my outfit.

The funny thing was, each time I angled my face toward him for approval, he said the same thing: "You look just as nice as yesterday." Frustrating compliments at this point in my full-scale emotional paddy.

In the end I decided on MAC's Amber Lights with blah-blah-blah Brown blended in. My liquid liner was pert and flirty-flicked on one side and virtually horizontal on the other. I was wearing four shades of blush (I can actually name all four shades I was wearing on one sole cheek) as my indecision took hold and I tried to match the tones of my blush with the tones of my eye makeup.

Then... Lipstick? I felt like crying.

In the end, I wore all black (with Converse), and wonky eye makeup. I felt like I was attending some kind of casual funeral (with Converse). I whined endlessly about how hideous I felt, how ugly, how revolting.

And then the waiter brought my food and I forgot about how hideous I looked until 2 hours later when I caught sight of myself in front of a mirror.

The moral of this story? I need to stop freaking out when I accidentally 'lose control' and fail to look attractive. Apparently I look pretty much the same no matter what I slap on my face... So for those days when I feel like the most hideous creation in the world, at least I know I looked the same as yesterday.

Well, I can try.

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