Friday, 12 February 2010

Beauty A-Z: A

For a little while now, I've been pondering about a Beauty A-Z, a definitive list of my favourite brands, products and beauty tricks I've learned since I got hooked on makeup a couple of years ago. Without making it sound like an episode of Sesame Street (although that would be ridiculously cool in itself), today's letter is A. Do you know how few beauty brands and products are graced with the humble letter A? I certainly didn't as I contemplated this task, as ironically I fell at the first hurdle by taking 3 days to come up with some of my favourite products.

As it stands, I came up with 3, so here is by little list of favourites for the letter A.

  1. Abyssinia by NARS was one of the obvious contenders for this list, an eyeshadow which has become so ubiquitous in my makeup regime that I almost completely forgot about it as having a name beyond 'the perfect neutral eye'. Abyssinia, then, is a beautiful beige creamy shade by NARS which gives your eye just enough pep on its own that no other colours are necessary to make you look bright-eyed and fresh-faced for those days when you just can't be bothered. I never usually stop at one colour and incorporate this into a no-effort neutral smokey eye, and the reason I use it so much is the quality: it's a beautiful soft, satiny texture with no chalkiness whatsoever, making it ideal for everything from lazy days to highlighting.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel is something I've used on and off for years, a natural beauty staple which offers so much value for money with its myriad uses. Personally, I use it to help heal acne breakouts when I get them by applying it liberally over the area so it doesn't dry out and get more sore. It's also amazing for helping with skin conditions like eczema and sunburn as it soothes the itch and soreness without being drying, and it's great for when you shave your legs in a hurry and get razor burn. Many people swear by this as a daily oil-free and oil-controlling moisturiser, a face primer and even a hair styling product. It seems there's not much Aloe Vera can't do, and that alone deserves a mention in my Beauty A-Z.
  3. Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder is a product which has gained a fair bit of coverage recently, and has been hailed as a 'miracle night cream'. What sets it apart from the rest, however, is the fact that it's not really even a cream but a light serum which sinks into the skin and feels completely weightless; it's completely add odds with its night cream counterparts. Having used this for a couple of months, I have to say I love it. My skin feels brighter and fresher and my skin tone is more even and healthy-looking.
So that's that for the first Beauty A-Z post. Anyone got any favourite 'A' products to add to this list?

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