Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Beauty Serendipity: Sleek Pout Polish

A couple of weeks ago, I had what can only be described as a serendipitous beauty moment; a happy accident predicated upon both my own chronic forgetfulness and sore, sea-whipped lips caused by an hour or two on the British coastline. Generally speaking, I like to leave the house looking as put-together as I can be: my clothes are ironed and donned following at least half an hour of indecisive dithering (more if I'm having a fat day); my hair is suitably coiffed and fluffed; my liquid eyeliner is flicked and even and there's often a lash of scarlet across my lips.

Although my morning routine may seem lengthy and labour-intensive, I count myself as a lazy girl when it comes to beauty: I never under any circumstances powder my nose, touch up my eyes or trowel anything else onto my face, except for my lips. I make the extra effort in the morning and it makes me feel good about myself; I bounce and strut out of the house, confident in the knowledge that all I need in my makeup bag I carry with me is a lipstick and a lip balm. Sometimes there's a gloss, but I'm fickle about those.

So on one particularly inauspicious day, I was sitting on the train bopping to... oh, I don't know... David Bowie or something, and then, as the train chugged its dull way out of the station, I realised I'd forgotten my precious makeup bag. I had no lipstick, no back-up lipstick; not even a smidge of Carmex.

Being the sensitive sort about the relative pallor of my lips without their swipe of lovely red, I hastened to Superdrug to find something to salvage my now sea-sore lips that had a little bit of colour.

Maybelline left me cold; all the 'do-able' shades were either sold or tampered with, and it was the same with Bourjois. I live in a town where grubby hands like to paw at the cosmetic displays, it seems. Resigning myself to buying a very cheap and nasty lipgloss from a brand whose name I can't even remember, I wandered past the Sleek display (yes, this post does have a point) and stopped because something caught my eye: the Sleek Pout Polish.

Colours appear slightly brighter due to flash :)

I must've been having an off-day because not only did I foolishly select one of the more garish colours in Pink Cadillac, which is a bright fuchsia shade, but I also did not even swatch or road-test this baby before hustling to the check-out. Vaguely curious, but more hungry and disinterested than anything, I opened the little pot and smeared some on without using a mirror because hey, it's a lip balm, I thought, what could possibly go wrong?

Well - nothing. But I wasn't banking on it being as pigmented and lovely as it actually is! Expecting the Pot-to-Lips Pigment Depletion Factor* I was really surprised to discover that the Sleek Pout Polish is pretty decently pigmented, but conversely not nearly as scary on the lips as it appears. The shade Pink Cadillac gives a really soft pink sheen to your lips which looks really prettily feminine teamed with a dewy pink blush like MAC's Posey or Daft Pink.

Pink Cadillac

It's completely non-sticky and just seems to melt onto your lips. The colour doesn't last ages; about 1.5 hours on me if I'm careful, but it feels really moisturising (much more so than the MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners) and has a much creamier, lovelier texture; it doesn't 'sit' on your lips like Vaseline or other lip balms. It works really well layered over lipstick and stops your lips from drying out, too. The scent is sort of a cross between vanilla musk and coconut; completely cloying but not unpleasantly so, and the little slim jar it's packaged in is ideal for throwing in an already over-stuffed makeup bag.

So, anyway, because I'm becoming terminally verbose, I should probably bring this little post to a close... I think I'm in love with these little pots of joy! So much so I bought two more to slather on for lazy days and Sundays and days when I still want to look put-together, but less Femme Fatale. Behold, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum:

Electro Peach and Perfect Plum

'Modelling' Perfect Plum

Both shades are truly lovely, with Perfect Plum coming up as a lovely day-wear red and Electro Peach coming up as a pinky coral. There are currently 4 shades to choose from in this range, the last one being a chocolate shade I definitely couldn't pull off. All in all, however, I think I've found a new love in the place I least expected it.

Has anyone else tried these?

* Usually attributed to products which look stunningly beautiful in the tube and are barely visible upon liberal application.

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