Friday, 8 January 2010

Recent Ins and Outs:

- Wide-legged trousers: I don't know why, but I'm really fancying a pair of nice, wide-legged sailor-style (enough hyphens yet?!) trousers for going into Spring with... I've picked out my perfect pair on ASOS, I just need to wait for the money to actually buy them with. I think they look awesome paired with some high heels, a tight scoop neck t-shirt, a neutral eye, red lip and a nonchalant expression.
- E.L.F.: Having never, ever ordered from E.L.F., much less even tried any of their products, I am anticipating my first ever online order from them. I didn't spend too much, but I've been eyeing up a few things recently and so I finally took the plunge. I'm getting into buying more drugstore makeup recently because I've got to teach myself not to be such a makeup snob! It's okay to have high-end brands too, but if you only have high-end, you're missing out on what could be some great products due to your own snobbery. So, I'm trying out some E.L.F. I've been bolstered recently by the fact I bought a Max Factor mascara (2ooo Calorie) and loved it, so maybe I should cut the drugstore products some more slack :)
- Wardrobe revamp: I don't know whether or not this is because I'm turning 23 next week or not, but I've recently felt the urge to shop, shop, shop and have been picking up things I'd never normally wear. This does not bode well for my bank balance, but I'm genuinely enjoying putting outfits together again and revamping my personal style from the previous flatline of blah state it was in. My personal style is pretty tame by all accounts; I like my clothes plain with no ruffles, no beading, definitely no glitter or sparkles, no unnecessary adornments. I like the shape of my clothes to be simple and the colours are generally uniform - I don't like things with huge pattern or loads of colours. But recently I've been playing with a few more options and I even bought a leather jacket. AND I LOVE IT! I'm enjoying the new me.
- Bright eye makeup: After a long period with neutrals, I'm slowly getting into the swing of using some more bright colours on my eye. I love the colours I used on my most recent tutorial as it's bright and fun, but still wearable and it really flatters my eye colour. I'm looking forward to coming up with some more tutorials now :)

- Space N.K.: Put an order through to Space N.K. on the 31st December and only had a call from them yesterday saying they were 'packaging' parts of my order. What they were referring to was a skin product I ordered, and not the other 4 things I ordered from them. So, after taking 8 days to process and charge me for my order, they were sending me 1 of 5 items? Not cool. Even with all that going on, the fact that it took them 8 days to contact me (after I'd complained twice via email) and that I'll have been waiting almost two weeks for a parcel is too much, especially as they failed to cancel another order I'd made in time and are now dispatching me two identical parcels. I'm extremely disappointed with their apparent lack of customer service... Although they've taken a few steps to redeem their poor service, I'm still left cold by my first experience of shopping online with them.
- Snow: If you haven't heard, many of us in the UK are stuck inside because of the snow, and have been since Tuesday. This is fine, but I'm beginning to go stir-crazy! I have no suitable shoes for walking about and we can't get out of the drive because it's turned into a skating rink. Add this to the fact that whenever there are weather conditions in the UK like this, we are always completely unprepared and the whole country falls to a standstill: trains cancelled, panic-buying of milk in the supermarket and of course, the local councils forget to grit the roads and pavements. Useless.
- Aveda Volumizing Tonic: I've been using this everyday for a couple of months, and I've seen no marked difference in the volume of my hair using this product. I've taken to tipping my head upside down whilst blowdrying to make it more voluminous, but even when I do that and use the product, it makes no difference. I'm so disappointed in this as I wanted it to be so much more than what it was. It also makes my hair feel crispy because the nozzle is crap and deposits too much product on some parts of my hair. I'll keep using it until it's gone, but I'm completely unimpressed.
- Constant dry lips: It doesn't matter what I do, my lips feel like they are going to fall off at all times - really sore and dry like the skin is stretched across them. Although I've been using MAC's Honey Salve, Vaseline and assorted other lip balms, nothing is moisturising enough. The Honey Salve is doing okay for an overnight lip treatment, but I don't like it for during the day. Perhaps it's time to try the famous Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.


  1. I rec you Nuxe Rêve de Miel lipbalm for those dry lips!

  2. @Dámaris I'll check it out, thanks so much for the rec :)


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