Sunday, 20 December 2009

Recent Ins and Outs

- Snow:
I don't think I've ever seen snow in England at an appropriate time of year, such as December or thereabouts. In fact, I think the last time I saw it snow was some stupid month like April. So, I'm enjoying the snow for now.
- Hula-hooping: My current new craze for getting fit - it's so much fun! I just pop something on the TV or put some jaunty tunes on and away I go. I never even realise I'm exercising because I'm concentrating on keeping the hoop up instead :)
- MAC Platinum Pigment: This product is easily my eyeshadow of the year - it's actually amazing. I'm definitely heading to buy a huge jar of it in MAC Pro before they make the ominous change to the smaller jars.
- Watching movies: Christmas is my favourite time of year because I get to sit and just watch movies, whether on TV or my laptop. I always choose a particular type of movie at this time of year - it has to have romance in, or it must be Christmassy. Bonus if it's both :)
- NARS Orgasm: After a little break from the Orgasm-train, I decided to wear it last week and now it's been repromoted to staple blush again.

- Macbooks:
Tomorrow I am going to have to take my computer back to the Mac store, which makes that 5 times in 3 months. My wireless will not connect and can't even find the router; it also can't find any kind of IP, the mousepad is sticky and it won't charge properly due to a charred contact. SORT IT OUT.
- Ice: I'm embarrassed to say I genuinely have no shoes suitable for the icy turn in the British weather and every single pavement and road I have to walk on now put me at risk of impromptu ice-skating, or worse, landing on my arse. I'm not the most coordinated girl at all, so weather like this makes me want to stay inside, where I can be sure-footed.
- Waiting for my birthday: COME OOOON. I love birthdays :)

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