Monday, 7 December 2009

Recent Ins and Outs

- Skirts with tights and boots: Particularly those thick, woolly tights that your mum used to make you wear to Primary School on really cold winter days. I hated them then, but I like them now. Brr...
- Home-made soups: Recently been cooking up a storm in the kitchen making delicious soups for Kiwi and I to nom on when it's cold and dark outside. Favourite at the moment is chorizo soup. It's so delicious I've converted everyone.
- Grey nailvarnish: In love with Barry M's grey nailvarnish because it looks stylish rather than making my nails look mouldy.
- Wintry foods: Mulled wine, Snowball cocktails, gingerbreads, marrons glac├ęs (sugared chestnuts). None of that Christmas pudding/mince pie/Christmas cake crap, though.
- Dark red lipstick: Loving a deep red lip at the moment; it feels seasonally correct and immediately dresses your face and outfit up with one swipe. Dubonnet by MAC and Red Lizard by NARS are my ultimate favourites.
- Heavy, sensuous fragrances: It's the only time of year I get to wear delicious, rich scents which would normally otherwise nauseate people. We had quite a mild autumn, so even then it was too warm to wear them. I'm loving Angel by Thierry Mugler and Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. Kiwi gets jealous if I wear the latter, though.
- Rosy cheeks: Looks like you've spent an hour tramping through the snow, but with no falling into snowdrifts and actual walking involved. Lovely.

- Dark by 3pm:
It's bothering me that I can't film any videos past 3pm because of the fact it's winter! Grr! Not to mention, if you happen to be on public transport it's even more depressing.
- Topshop jeans: They hate me. AND THEY ALWAYS RIP FOR NO REASON.
- Outrageous shipping costs: It's Christmas; any excuse to squeeze a little more from our sad purses.
- Winter bulge:
I keep telling myself I need that cake because it's winter and we've all got to keep warm. I sense a New Year's resolution coming along to do more exercise... which will promptly be ditched within 3 days for more cake.

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